‘Medequip’: A Venture for Quality Healthcare Products

Medequip Healthcare Solutions, based out of Bengaluru, offers a wide range of life-saving, rehabilitation, and home healthcare products.

‘Medequip’: A Venture for Quality Healthcare Products

Bangalore based Medequip brings quality healthcare products to India

By: Vijay Soni, Ph.D. | Founder and C.E.O. of Scipreneur

Did you know that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the 4th largest cause of deaths globally? COPD has been given the nickname “the silent killer” because of how it can come to be diagnosed, and for how prevalent it is, in spite of its “silent” nature. It’s also a problem that many people aren’t aware of the dangers of COPD, and what to do to help prevent it, or at least the advanced stages of it.

COPD, a life-threatening lung disease is characterized by a persistent reduction of airflow into the lungs that causes breathlessness and serious illness. While the primary cause of COPD is exposure to either active smoking or second­ hand smoke, other risk factors include exposure to air pollution. In the year 2015, it is estimated that 3.17 million deaths were caused by COPD, which is 5% of all deaths globally that year.

Another silent danger is sleep apnea, it is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders to affect the populace. It is most often caused by an obstruction of the respiratory tract, preventing air from entering the lungs. People with untreated sleep apnea choke during sleep and wake up abruptly, which disrupts the sleeping pattern. The disrupted air supply deprives the brain and the rest of the body of sufficient oxygen leading to serious consequences, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Delivering a steady flow of air into the airway is an effective solution.

“We at Medequip are committed to raising awareness about these serious health issues so that people who suffer will seek treatment. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare products that will improve the quality of our customers’ life”, says founders of Medequip.

Medequip Healthcare Solutions, based in Bangalore, is a one of a kind company that deals with a wide range of life-saving healthcare products. Currently, they are importing their products, but they are in the process of setting up a manufacturing facility in Bangalore in early 2018, supported by the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Ankur Garg & Suhas Shubhakaran, Co-Founders of Medequip Healthcare Solutions (Image: Medequip)

Started in 2015 by four people with the intention of bringing quality healthcare products at an affordable price in India. Now, after being in the industry for over eight years and seeing the lack of availability of quality products and after-sales service, the team decided to start a venture that provided the same.

Founders specially mentioned that “at Medequip our principles are certain that we can cater to this part of the world by setting up a manufacturing unit here and start exporting to neighboring countries. We are working on a joint venture, to start manufacturing Oxygen Concentrators and Nebulizers in Bangalore.”

Some Key Products of Medequip:

Products by Medequip: (1) Oxy-med Oxygen Concentrator (2) Oxy-med CPAP (3) Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter (4) Oxy-med Compact Nebulizer (5) Bariatric Wheelchair

Medequip sells the entire range of products through a PAN India distributor and dealer network. Medequip educates their partner network on the usage and service of the medical equipment while they in turn educate and provide the end users with adequate knowledge. Mediequip focuses on providing the best post-sales service and has already left its mark on the market.

Medequip is determined to bring efficiencies to the people they connect within their continuum of care, including physicians, technicians, medical centers, patients, and payers. These efficiencies can reduce costs throughout healthcare systems and ensure quality products reach the right people and help patients regain active, satisfying lives.

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Contact Medequip:

Website: www.medequip.co.in

Phone no: 080 28362444/2555

Email ID: customersupport@medequip.co.in

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