SciGlo: A One-Stop Solution for Your Scientific and Career Needs

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SciGlo: A One-Stop Solution for Your Scientific and Career Needs

By: Sandhya Sriram Ph.D. | Founder and C.E.O. of SciGlo

26 September 2017

Did you know that more than 65% of students/scientists spend more than 1 hour – 60 minutes! – per day online, searching for information (jobs, internships, products, reagents, labs, news, protocols etc.) on the internet. Well, that is because the information is scattered all over on different websites, blogs, and social media pages.

Apart from this, we spend at least few minutes looking for restaurant and movie reviews and ratings – how nice it would be to have ratings for labs that we work in??

Here comes SciGlo – everything (almost) on just one website. All you have to do is sign up on once, for FREE and access any information in sciences.

We offer 5 platforms: Lab Ratings, Product Reviews, Protocols, News and Job Postings. Believe it or not, everything is accessible for free, once you sign up/ login.

CONNECT, SHARE and GROW with us.

The Lab Rating platform is our unique solution that offers anonymous ratings and reviews of labs from all over the world.

“Enables future researchers to join exclusive labs based on the ratings and accreditation”.

Job Postings platform allows job seekers to access open positions in the STEM sector. Additionally, it enables recruiters around the world to post jobs, internship and project opportunities to be accessed by a concentrated group of people.

“A network for recruiters and job seekers to connect and find a perfect match in STEM fields, hassle-free”.

Product Reviews platform facilitates product-selling companies to list and get reviews on their products. Also, helps users and/or labs to obtain discounts on these products.

“Ensures exposure to companies and increases customer reach through product-reviews and purchaser-rebate system, respectively”.

Our Protocol Database is a repository of experimental protocols, and programming codes enabling users to upload protocols/codes as well as gaining access to various other open-source protocols and codes from around the world.

“This serves as a ‘validated’ information-resource and ensures best-practices sharing”.

Our Blog is a primary channel to communicate and we share the latest news, interesting reads, and nuggets of knowledge from the STEM, in addition to SciGlo offers and updates.

“This is a pro-user solution to stay on par with their preferred and relevant industry”.

Sandhya Sriram, Ph.D.: Founder and C.E.O. of SciGlo 

“The reason I put SciGlo together is to get everyone from the STEM sectors onto one platform to share knowledge, network and make the most of it. When I was doing my Masters in India and my Ph.D. at Singapore, there wasn’t that one platform that I could access by a touch of a button. The STEM field is ignored at times and I want to place it on a pedestal, as STEM/science is going to lead us to sustainable living. All of us need to coordinate and collaborate towards this effort. The solutions that we offer on SciGlo are well sought after by students and researchers and put together based on personal experience being a scientist and an entrepreneur.”

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